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AACR Team Science Award

Nomination Status Closed
Nomination Deadline 08/30/2019


Unparalleled opportunities now exist to detect, diagnose, prevent and treat cancer due to the sequencing of the human genome, a greater understanding of cancer biology, progress in systems biology, and advances in computer science and other technologies. Capitalizing on these opportunities often depends on the participation of researchers in various specialties across the spectrum of cancer science and that also include chemistry, physics, engineering, computational science, and nanotechnology. The integration of such specialties into cancer research forms the bases of interdisciplinary scientific teams.

This award has been established by the American Association for Cancer Research and Eli Lilly and Company to acknowledge and catalyze the growing importance of interdisciplinary teams to the understanding of cancer and/or the translation of research discoveries into clinical cancer applications. Proactive interaction between academic and industry researchers is particularly crucial to continue progress and accelerate drug development.

In addition, through the presentation of this award, the AACR and Eli Lilly seek to effect change within the traditional cancer research culture by recognizing those institutions that value and foster interdisciplinary team science. These institutions will have demonstrated their support of a team science environment by creating mechanisms to enhance the required infrastructure, such as through pilot funding, technology transfer offices, shared resources, etc., and by presenting awards, honors, appointments, and promotions to those who participate in interdisciplinary teams.

The AACR Team Science Award will recognize an outstanding interdisciplinary research team for its innovative and meritorious science that has advanced or likely will advance our fundamental knowledge of cancer or a team that has applied existing knowledge to advance the detection, diagnosis, prevention or treatment of cancer.

The team selected to receive the AACR Team Science Award will collectively be awarded an honorarium, and be recognized during the AACR Annual Meeting 2020 in San Diego, California, USA. The represented institutions will be cited at the AACR Annual Meeting for their leadership role in fostering team science in cancer research.

Eligibility Criteria

  • For the purpose of this award, a team is comprised of independent faculty-level researchers providing complementary interdisciplinary expertise, each of whom have made separate substantive and quantifiable contributions to the research being recognized.

  • Team members may be working within the same institution or at several institutions; however, if researchers are in the same institution, they must have clearly separate funding and research space.

  • The research to be recognized should reflect work toward a specific scientific goal that otherwise would not be realized by any single component of the team.

  • Candidacy is open to all cancer researchers who are affiliated with any institution involved in cancer research, cancer medicine or cancer-related biomedical science anywhere in the world. Such institutions include those in academia, industry or government.

  • Teams comprising academic and industry researchers will be accepted.

Contact Information

Nomination Procedure


Nominations may be submitted by any individual, whether an AACR member or nonmember, who is currently or has previously been affiliated with any institution involved in cancer research, cancer medicine, or cancer-related biomedical science.

Nominators must maintain strict confidentiality of their nominations and all nominations must be submitted electronically to Paper nominations will not be accepted.

Eligible nominations must include the following:

  • A nomination letter written in English (Max: 1,000 words), which comprehensively describes the candidate team's novel and significant work that has had or may have a far-reaching impact on the etiology, detection, diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of cancer. Letter must specifically outline the team's current research activity and indicate how their collective research across multiple performance sites holds promise for continued substantive contributions to the cancer field. All publications that directly support the mentioned research accomplishments must be referenced within the provided letter.
  • A brief scientific citation (Max: 50 words) highlighting the major scientific contribution(s) justifying the team's nomination.
  • A comprehensive listing of all team members that includes professional title(s), affiliation(s), primary research area(s), and a brief description of each member's substantive and quantifiable contribution(s) to the team.


See the Program Guidelines and Nomination Instructions for complete details.

Adobe Reader.

Selection Process

‚ÄčNominations of teams will be considered by an Award Selection Committee of international cancer leaders appointed by the president of the AACR. After careful deliberations by the Award Selection Committee, its recommendations will be forwarded to the Executive Committee of the AACR for final consideration and decision. Selection of the Team Science Award winners will be made on the basis of the criteria listed above. No regard will be given to age, race, gender, nationality, geographic location or religious or political views.

Responsibilities of the Award Winner

The winning team of the AACR Team Science Award must email a group photo of the team to in .jpg and/or .gif format. The team leader must attend the AACR Annual Meeting Opening Ceremony to receive the award. Additionally, it is strongly encouraged that the remaining team members be present at the AACR Annual Meeting Opening Ceremony.