​​​​AACR 50-y​ear Members

The AACR is extremely pleased to recognize those scientists who have been members for 50 years. The AACR board of directors extends its sincere and heartfelt thanks to these members for their devotion to cancer research and long participation in and support of the AACR. The AACR is strong because of their contributions and involvement in its programs and activities. We thank them for these efforts and for their continued support of the association.

2019 Inductees to 50-year Member Ranks

The following 31 members will be inducted into the 50-year Member Ranks during the AACR Annual Meeting 2019 which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. These distinguished members will be honored and recognized as 50-year members during the Annual Business Meeting event.

Abdul Al Saadi, PhD; Royal Oak, Michigan; Emeritus Member
Ettore Appella, MD; Bethesda, Maryland; Active Member
Leonard D. Berman, MD; Boston, Massachusetts; Emeritus Member
Tapas K. Das Gupta, MD, PhD, DSc; Chicago, Illinois; Emeritus Member
Dincer Firat, MD; Ankara, Turkey; Emeritus Member
Salman Gailani, MD; Dyer, Indiana; Emeritus Member
Robert C. Gallo, MD, FAACR; Baltimore, Maryland; Active Member
David M. Goldenberg, MD, ScD; Morris Plains, New Jersey; Emeritus Member
Stanley Goldfarb, MD; Madison, Wisconsin; Emeritus Member
Melvin Greenblatt, MD; Corvallis, Oregon; Emeritus Member
Shuichi Karasaki, PhD; Aizuwakamatsu, Japan; Emeritus Member
William B. Kremer, MD; Lakeville, Connecticut; Emeritus Member
Harvey J. Lerner, MD; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Emeritus Member
Paul H. Levine, MD; Bethesda, Maryland; Emeritus Member
Lawrence A. Loeb, MD, PhD, FAACR; Seattle, Washington; Active Member
Jorge E. Maldonado, MD, PhD; Miami, Florida; Emeritus Member
John C. Marsh, MD; Williamsburg, Virginia; Emeritus Member
Sami A. Mayyasi, PhD; Gaithersburg, Maryland; Emeritus Member
Takao Ohnuma, MD; New York, New York; Emeritus Member
Ryoichi Oyasu, MD; Wilmette, Illinois; Emeritus Member
Carlos A. Perez, MD; St. Louis, Missouri; Emeritus Member
Walter J. Pories, MD; Greenville, North Carolina; Emeritus Member
Kedar N. Prasad, PhD; Novato, California; Emeritus Member
Chitta R. Raha, PhD; Elkridge, Maryland; Emeritus Member
Johng Sik Rhim, MD; Potomac, Maryland; Active Member
Gabriel Seman, MD; Houston, Texas; Emeritus Member
Richard A. Steeves, MD, PhD; Madison, Wisconsin; Emeritus Member
Leo L. Stolbach, MD; Dedham, Massachusetts; Emeritus Member
David C. Stolinsky, MD; Los Angeles, California; Emeritus Member
Takashi Sugimura, MD, FAACR; Tokyo, Japan; Honorary Member
Alton I. Sutnick, MD; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Emeritus Member

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Statements of Reflecti​ons

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