SU2C Innovative Research Grants

The Stand Up To Cancer Innovative Research Grants Program is an effort to support the next generation of cancer research leaders in their quest to conquer cancer. It was established in honor of the late Judah Folkman, MD, to recognize him as one of the great innovators in cancer research, an outstanding teacher of young investigators, and an early contributor to the SU2C project. These grants provide substantial funding to scientists whose novel, high-risk, high-reward cancer research proposals have significant potential for translational application and hold great promise for advancing SU2C's overarching goal of improving and saving the lives of cancer patients. Over a three-year period, each investigator receives up to $750,000. It is the hope that ideas for new SU2C Dream Teams will emerge from these Innovative Research Grants. Thirteen grants were awarded in 2009; 13 in 2011; 10 in 2016; and 10 in 2017, for a total of $34.4 million in funding.

Since the launch of this groundbreaking initiative in 2008, the AACR, SU2C's scientific partner, has played an integral role by providing scientific leadership, expert peer review and grants administration. The AACR assembled the expert SU2C Scientific Advisory Committee, as well as the prestigious Innovative Research Grants Review Committee, currently chaired by William G. Kaelin Jr., MD, with vice-chairpersons William G. Nelson, MD, PhD,  and Sara A. Courtneidge, PhD, which conducts a unique, interactive, rapid and rigorous evaluation innovative grant applications via a multi-step scientific review process. Richard D. Kolodner, PhD, served as chairperson for the 2009 and 2011 Innovative Research Grants Committees. The AACR is responsible for administering these grants and, with the SU2C Scientific Advisory Committee and Innovative Research Grants Review Committee, provides ongoing scientific oversight to ensure that progress is being made. Each investigator's cutting-edge research project is aimed at improving and saving cancer patients' lives.

Updated: March 2018