SU2C-LUNGevity-American Lung Association Lung Cancer Interception Research Team: Blood-based Early Interception of Lung Cancer


‚ÄčLecia V. Sequist, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center 


Maximilian Diehn, MD, PhD
Stanford University School of Medicine 


The team's fundamental premise is that improving early detection of invasive lung cancers is a solvable technological problem that can be immediately linked to a definitive clinical treatment. The team will build a companion test, called the Lung Cancer Interception Assay (LCIA), as a composite blood-based biomarker assay that can be used in conjunction with standard imaging.

The LCIA will be simple for the patient but powerful, selecting from the best blood-based assays that examine circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating tumor DNA. After completing pilot testing as part of this Translational Research Grant, the team plans to move the LCIA forward to larger, prospective clinical trials where they hope to make lung cancer screening more impactful, more affordable, and more accessible.

Amount of Funding:

$2 million


Chris Draft, Chris Draft Family Foundation

Updated: May 2018