AACRcentral: Networking, Resource, and Career Centers #AACRcentral

At the crossroads of the Exhibit Hall, AACRcentral is your one-stop source for information on and assistance with all AACR programs. Whether you need to ask a question, find a job, check your email, or meet up with a colleague, make AACRcentral the starting point when you tour the exhibits.

AACR Membership Center

The AACR Membership Center provides a place where members can obtain information regarding their membership, join Association groups within the AACR, update contact information, pay annual dues, transfer categories of membership, and become familiar with new membership services. Nonmembers are encouraged to visit the Membership Center to submit an application for membership. The AACR is also eager to support the exchange of knowledge and research with investigators who are located in countries with emerging economies. (Significantly reduced membership dues are available for these investigators.) Visit the Membership Center to learn more about these and other opportunities available through the AACR.

MICR Networking and Resource Center

The Minorities in Cancer Research (MICR) Networking and Resource Center hosts exciting meet-and-greet opportunities with prominent investigators and provides meeting attendees with a comfortable and social environment for networking one-on-one and in small groups. All MICR members and Annual Meeting registrants are encouraged to visit the MICR Networking and Resource Center to learn about AACR and MICR programs, awards, funding, and more.

WICR Networking and Resource Center

The Women in Cancer Research (WICR) Networking and Resource Center is the location for networking with members of the WICR Council, WICR Scholars, and members of WICR. All Annual Meeting attendees and WICR members are invited to use the Center during exhibit hours for networking and to learn more about professional advancement opportunities and other programs of interest.

Associate Member Resource and Career Center (AMRC)

The Associate Member Resource and Career Center, organized by the Associate Member Council (AMC), is open to all graduate students, medical students and residents, and clinical and postdoctoral fellows, regardless of membership status. The Center provides an informal place for early-career scientists to connect with colleagues, plan their time at the meeting, and learn about programs and other professional advancement opportunities. The AMC Meet and Greet is also held in this location.

AACR Amphitheater

The AACR Amphitheater hosts a variety of sessions, including AMC-organized sessions for early-career scientists, “Meet the AACR CEO,” and “Meet the AACR President.” All sessions provide a special opportunity for interactive discussion in a small group setting to discuss career paths and vision for the future of the field. All sessions are free, but seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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