​AACR Timeline– At the Forefront of Cancer Science in the 21st Century: 2000-Present



  • AACR Journals Online first offers the full text of all AACR journals.

  • Affiliate Membership, for health professionals working in support of cancer and biomedical research, and Student Membership, for high school students and undergraduates, are introduced.

  • The Association launches its fifth journal, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. Daniel D. Von Hoff, MD (right), is the founding editor.

  • Membership categories are modified to allow international scientists to join as Active Members.

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  • The inaugural Dorothy P. Landon-AACR Prize for Translational Cancer Research is presented to Elwood V. Jensen, PhD (right), and V. Craig Jordan, PhD (far right). (Landon Prizes are changed to INNOVATOR awards in 2009.)

  • The inaugural AACR International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research is held in October in Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Cell Growth & Differentiation is relaunched as Molecular Cancer Research. Michael B. Kastan, MD (right), is the founding editor.

  • AACR headquarters moves to One Independence Mall (615 Chestnut Street), Philadelphia.

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  • Three days before the opening events in April, the AACR Annual Meeting is canceled because of the SARS outbreak in Toronto. The meeting is rescheduled for July in Washington, DC.

  • The inaugural AACR Distinguished Lecture is delivered by James E. Darnell, Jr., MD (right). (In 2013, the lectureship is renamed the AACR-Irving Weinstein Foundation Distinguished Lecture.)

  • AACR membership surpasses 20,000.




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  • The AACR celebrates its 100th Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, with an exhibit displaying the history of the meeting.
    [View the display (PDF; 13 MB).]

  • AACR membership surpasses 30,000.



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  • The third Stand Up To Cancer telecast is held on September 7.



  • The AACR International Office—the organization’s first satellite office outside the United States—opens in Shanghai, China. The International Office supports the launch of the inaugural New Horizons in Cancer Research Conference, held in Shanghai in October.

  • Cancer Research Catalyst, the AACR blog, is launched.

  • The inaugural Young Champion in Cancer Research Award is given to Elena Simon.

  • A second international satellite office is opened in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  • The fourth Stand Up To Cancer telecast is held on September 5.


  • The AACR supports production of the PBS series CANCER: THE EMPEROR OF ALL MALADIES. More than 40 current and former AACR members—including 17 Fellows of the AACR Academy—are among the 60 eminent scientists interviewed.

  • Annual Meeting attendance sets a record of over 19,000.

  • The AACR June L. Biedler Prize for Cancer Journalism (right) is announced.

  • The AACR is named the charity partner for the AACR Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon.

  • The AACR announces Project GENIE (Genomics Evidence Neoplasia Information Exchange). 

  • [For a summary of AACR programs and initiatives in 2015, read the AACR Annual Report.]


  • On January 8, AACR President Jose Baselga leads a delegation of 15 AACR members to meet with Vice President Joe Biden’s senior staff to discuss the state of cancer research. Four days later, during his State of the Union Address, President Obama announced the launch of a National Cancer Moonshot Initiative led by Vice President Biden.

  • Vice President Biden (right) addresses nearly 4,000 attendees during the AACR Annual Meeting 2016 to thank the cancer research community for devoting their lives to cancer research and to encourage them to share their ideas to more quickly accelerate progress against cancer.

  • AACR journals commemorate 100 years of scientific publishing and the 75th anniversary of Cancer Research with a special walk-through display and publication at the Annual Meeting.

  • AACR International launches the inaugural African Cancer Researchers Travel Awards to offset the travel expenses for five cancer scientists to attend the AACR Annual Meeting 2016.

  • The fifth Stand Up To Cancer telecast is held on September 9.

  • [For a summary of AACR programs and initiatives in 2016, read the AACR Annual Report.]


  • Thirteen months after its launch, AACR Project GENIE makes public its first data release. The dataset contains nearly 19,000 de-identified genomic records and the associated limited clinical data and covers 59 major cancer types.

  • Joe Biden (right) returns to the AACR Annual Meeting to outline the Cancer Moonshot progress made to date and to thank the attendees for their efforts to accelerate that progress.

  • The AACR hosts its first-ever conferences on the African and South American continents. New Frontiers in Cancer Research was held in Cape Town, South Africa, in January, and the AACR International Conference on Translational Cancer Medicine was held in São Paulo, Brazil, in May.

  • The AACR is named the title partner for the AACR Philadelphia Marathon.

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